Sarapan ? Soto Ayam Cak Pir

Alhamdulilah, setelah sekian lama tidak menulis apapun di blog saya ini, hari ini perdana ingin menulis blog lagi dan semoga selalu update setiap minggu. Anyway kali ini saya akan menulis menggunakan bahasa Indonesia saja ya! hehehe.

Kali ini, saya mau share tentang masakan khas Indonesia yang umumnya banyak sekali penggemarnya yaitu soto ayam. Kalo kamu-kamu penghuni Malang asli, atau yang lagi jalan jalan or libuan di Malang recomend banget deh sama yang namanya Soto Cak Pir ini. Betempat di Jl Kalpataru no 103-Suhat, a.k.a Soekarno Hatta, Malang Soto  ini sangat mudah pencariannya. Siapa sih yang ga tau Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Malang? hehehe.

Kalo susah nemunya nanti pake GPS aja ya :D

Gak perlu takut mahal, dijamin harga di soto ayam ini sangat terjangkau. Cocok buat kamu yang doyan kuliner pinggiran namun rasa unggulan banget :). Cukup dengan mulai dari 10K kamu-kamu bisa menikmati Soto Ayam Cak Pir ini. Pake ayam kampung lagi. Yummy! (bisa nambah kulit atau jeroan lho kalau kamu suka!)

Aku pribadi, suka banget sama soto ini. Kalau menurutku sih This soto is the best in town hehehe. Karena kuahnya itu berasa banget dan ga encer. Jadi rempah-rempah nya kerasa banget. Plus Cak Pir ini ngasih koya nya banyak banget, jadi tambah nikmaaaaaaattt. Alhamdulilah hehehe.

Okay, itulah beberapa review dari soto Cak Pir, ini itu serius enaaak banget, jadi see you guys in next article :D


Well, this girl doin' when she getting bored

Alhamdullilah.. we already entered 27th day of Ramadhan and less than a week we will celebrate our victory day.  May Allah accept our all kindness in this month, Ameen :).

Today, while I'm waiting break fasting, I'd like to share what I did when I really "not doin' anythin". Actually, i'm in love with red lipstick from Wardah (12) and it is blended with little bit red orange liquid lipstick from Revlon (030). Also, mascara and eyeliner from Wardah,is very very very very long lasting, water proof, and is so hard to erased it. But it works for me, because my eyes look bigger. 
Umh, usually i rarely to use face powder ( because i use it when attend some event) but i'd like to share what powder that i use. I use wardah again, number one light beige. It is also can absorb your much oil in your face. 

This is my face after apllied by that tools : 

No edit (LOL)


Sendiki Beach

Actually next month is a final exam also,after this is a such long holiday. We will go back in own hometown and see our family,yippie! But,the sad thing is we will not meet our faces in 3 months :(. So,before we going to our hometown we went to Sendiki Beach,Malang,East java. Well,I  will write in here, how our struggle to come this beach. (I wish i have all the picture :( )

We went on Saturday, around 4.30 pm by motorcycle but early we visited ghea's grandma house and went to beach Sunday morning. In the middle of our way, suddenly heavy rain came and wet us. We decided to stop for took shelter also had a dinner. Then when rain stop, we continued driving until ghea's grandma house. We took around 1 half hour from Malang to arrived in Dampit. We exactly in tired condition, after we arrived, automatically we fall asleep.

And the next day, we started our journey around 9 am by motorcycle. We went down and up the mountain for arrive in there. Not only past the mountain,but also we had to past the muddy street, really and full of muddy until we fallen. Fortunately we met with a group of buddies and they wanted to help us for drive our motorcycle.

After we arrived in the parking area, we couldn't see directly that a beautiful beach, Yes, we still fight, we had to walking pretty close but high so we past many stairs and go down again. (By the way, the street is very slippery). And finally, after we totaly sweaty, we could see the beautiful Sendiki Beach!!!!! <3

this is the beach btw ! :D

Well, im so impressed with this beach. I don't suppose that Malang still have clean beach and beautiful like this. But, the bad thing is about the muddy street and slippery stairs. I think the Government of Malang must to,more care about tourism places mostly in edges part.



Happy Monday Morning!

Yesterday, me and my girls went to the Singhasari resort, (once of favorite hotel and pool in Malang). We spent our quality time together after we pass the report from our internship 2 weeks ago. Iam so exicted about this,because we rarely to have like this moment. And for my outfit in that day, I wore my colorful skirt that i made by my self. So this is our happines !

 Introduce My girls!

This is my outfit ! :D

Skirt,top,outer :unbranded (made by my self)
Bag: Gosh
Sandal : Payless

 Looks so fancy, felt like a princess. Because I ride my own unicorn :D


The old-cute one

Hi there, today in my country is very cold.Gloomy cloud cover us from dawn until sunset. Not only cloudy but also heavy rain damped my country. And this moment,make me absolutely so lazy to doing something. Anyway, while I enjoy a cup of lemon tea I'd like to upload some my lately picture when I went to campus to make short movie for my courses task.
In that day my mood is full with vintage and feminine look. So, I wore polkadots top from vintage store, pink knitted cardiogan from Iori, black flowers pencil skirt from local online shop, pink flat shoes from payless and my bag from local branded in my country :)
check this out ♥

And this detail polkadots from mytop ( because it have small polkadots, I think it is smallest polkadots I had ever seen wkwk.)

Thank you 



Entering my last week on vacation, I spent it in Sidoarjo city  and I also bring all my documents for badminton competition to here(as it happened,iam a secetary in that competition, so i have to make all about letter eventough im in vacation :( *PS: But im so exicted to have it all!). Anyway, people will feel bored right? when they just face that the same thing? Yeah also me, even Im so exicted about letters,I need some refreshing! And I don't really have many time to hang out or visit some where.so i just playing with my wardrobe,it can be refreshing for me :D I have my old outfit that I made by my self ,honestly I rarely to wear it,but now it become a trend fashion in 2016.
 I wore it now and so lucky that color is electric blue so I can be match with all top. I will post 3 looks in here with same pants and 3 different tops.
(*PS : This look may suitable for summer time,playing to beach or hang out to somewhere)

1. Patel AND Bold become Cute

 For the first look, I wore cullot pants with a cute pastel flower top that i got from vintage store. Also I wore a cardigan and brown belt for add "cute effect" in my outfit. Last touch I used the old one of my sandals from donatello. It is so comfy I love that!

 Taken by: Ilman
        ( Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/maamuunn/)

2. Lets play in jail.
 My second look I wore my monochrome stripes and litlle brown belt. to have edgy look.  My top like an outfit in a jail but i love it ( that why i give titlle play in jail :p) My top from local store in my hometown, and I used black sneakers from vans.

 Taken by: Ilman
        ( Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/maamuunn/)

3. Red Wine
This is my favorit looks from 2 looks before. Because Iam in mood with this color so much ♥ yippieee! And also i wore flower pattern in my top. ( I always love flower pattern) I got the top from vintage store too and I used red sneakers from converse. This is so very comfy. I love this much!

aken by: Ilman
        ( Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/maamuunn/)

So fun to have many looks just wearing one pants. Anyway I have some tips for anyone if you want buy trend outfit in a year. Just buy one item which you want, make sure it have natural color. So that's make easier you to mix and match with the other color


Paralayang,Batu,Malang,East Java

Such a long time I did not post anything. This week is very tired week because I have to face middle test. So, before my middle test,I went to Paralayang with my girls. You know about Paralayang right? It is very beautiful place,on top Malang city. From there we could see anything.
Okay today I wear my jeans overal it is from forever 21. and my stripes t-shirt i bought it in Sidoarjo, then I wearing my sneakers from converse, check it out

 Top : Unbranded
Overall: Forever 21
Sneakers : Converse

Very beautiful right?